The Grieving Process is like a Solar Eclipse…

As I reflect on the solar eclipse of 8th April 2024, I want to draw parallels to the intricate process after loss*. There is the gradual phase before the total eclipse, then the total eclipse occurs, followed by the gradual after-eclipse phase. Similarly, when confronted with loss, the world around us gradually dims and cools, […]

Cultivating a healthier relationship with oneself.

Understanding the language of our emotions and feelings. Emotions act as messengers, providing insights into our current experiences. For instance, feelings of sadness indicate something is amiss and needs to be released, while anger signifies a need for protection due to perceived threats or crossed boundaries. Emotions are usually short-lived, unlike feelings, which evolve as […]

Becoming your own best friend

Most women I know struggle to be their own best friend. Why is that?   The way we were disciplined is the way we will discipline ourselves.” This is by no means a ‘parent-blaming’ statement. I believe parents can only parent to the extent they have the skills, knowledge and self-awareness to not pass on […]