What I Offer

Creative Support & Coaching
– Grief,
– Divorce
– Disruptive experiences

Schedule your
Art for the Heart session
(For individuals or
groups between 2-5)
– Mandala Art
– Neurographic Art
– Creative Narrative Journaling

Mandala Art
– Neurographic Art
– Creative Narrative Journaling
– Compassionate Communication


Let me introduce myself

I am an experienced creative coach, counselor and author who has had to reinvent myself many times. I have personal experience of divorce, loss of loved ones, relocation (even to another country) and adult children leaving home (empty nest). I engage with clients and participants in a non-judgmental and compassionate way, and I hope to ignite in them the belief that they can create a new life story in spite of loss or disruptive/adverse life experiences. 

A Guide to creative journaling

In this guide, the reader is guided to create several creative journal pages. Various aspects of the grief and loss process are covered and explored in a mindful, self-compassionate manner.