Integrate your life experiences in a meaningful way

Experience the healing and grounding powers of creative journaling, combined with mindfulness practices. Experience a ‘flow’ state; a state where brainwaves slow down, and thoughts are better able to form. Access your creativity and your courage. And experience how the pleasure and satisfaction inducing chemicals (endorphins) that are produced during a creative activity will leave you with a sense of wellbeing.

Three hours of ‘space’, self-compassion, and meaning-making. [3]

Creative journaling resource is a low-cost, easily accessible, tool towards mental wellbeing and growth.

Because the use of images is a form of symbolic communication art-making helps us to express and transform difficult life experiences. Image making and imagination help during the dark night of the soul and it supports psychological integration. [1]  Art also offers a cathartic release. Instead of trying to tranquilize eruptions of psychological tension by external means, artists go to the heart of the inner storm and enact its fury in a way that benefits the individual. [2]

[1] Malchiodi, C.A. (2002). The Soul’s Palette: Drawing on Art’s Transformative Powers for Health and Wellbeing. Boston: Shambala.

[2] McNiff, S. (2004). Art Heals: How Creativity Cures the Soul. Boston: Shambala.

[3] meaning-making is the process of how people construe, understand, or make sense of life events, relationships, and the self.

Price: R200 per person

Three seats are available per event,

Coffee and Tea will be provided