What I Offer

Individual Support & Guidance

I offer 60-minute online creative coaching/counselling sessions. I use ‘Art for the Heart’ activities, narrative therapy practices, social-emotional education & mindfulness to guide and support my clients.

Creating one’s story on paper helps to access a different part of the brain, which often gives us a fresh perspective to approach our challenges.

Mindful drawing is a grounding practice, and it helps to increase our window of tolerance because we train the brain to be present in the moment. 

I specialize in grief, loss, and divorce counselling and coaching.

Art for the Heart Workshops

Creative Narrative 

During a two-hour guided workshop with Karin, you will receive compassionate instruction while creating your own personal journal using pictures to find words to tell your story. She provides a safe and nurturing space to explore your feelings and thoughts without judgment. This workshop is geared towards adults ages 18+ and encourages self-empowerment through self-awareness. All journaling materials are included in the fees.

Mindful drawing classes

During a two-hour guided workshop with Karin, she will encourage you to access your natural creativity by using the style of Mandala Art (picture to the right). No artistic skills are required. You will receive compassionate and non-judgmental instruction on this ancient wellbeing practice which can help promote inner peace and decrease stressful emotions while increasing positivity and social connectivity. It is a perfect place to let go of the high expectations we place on ourselves and practice self-compassion.

This workshop is geared towards adults ages 18+. All art materials are included in the fees, additional supplies kits are available for purchase.

Pre-Scheduled in-person/online Mindful Drawing Circles